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Learn to purge the feeling of fear as soon as it strikes.

What Jay's Clients Say

"Jay Pryor has been a source of immeasurable help in my life in terms of setting and achieving goals, personal organization, and so much more! His monthly calls always leave me both focused and excited to take on the tasks at hand!"



--Gitty Daneshvari,
novelist and screenwriter

"If you’re looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, Jay probably isn’t your guy.  If you’re looking for someone to tell you want to you need to hear, but in a loving, compassionate manner, look no further.   With Jay by your side, all things are possible.

- -S. MacNair,
Founder & CEO, Creative Conduit, LLC

"I used to worry about everything from the smallest problems to global warming constantly, since working with Jay I’ve learned to catch myself and redirect my mind. To focus on the positive and be grateful for everything in my life. The effect has been to create a small core of happiness that I hope will continue to grow."

- Shanna Wagner