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What Jay's Clients Say

"Jay's authentic, fun, smart, passionate coaching style was perfect for us. He showed us that the persona who walks in the door each morning is a better employee if they are a more grounded person.


I give my unqualified endorsement of Jay to any company interested in engaging with him. Be prepared to see powerful transformation."


--Marsha Hystead,
COO/Chief Creative Officer Hailey Sault

"Hiring Jay was one of the best decisions in my life. That may seem like a bold statement, but I was able to completely transform my mindset and business in only seven months of working together. I went from working a stressful job to building a business that I love, speaking at national conventions, traveling around the world and doing what I feel passionate about everyday."


--Kalyn Rozanski,
Co-Founder and Trend Strategist

The Ebco

"Coaching with Jay was a turning point in my career that helped me not just imagine something bigger than I had ever considered. I can be a cynic but Jay's encouragement was balanced with a down to earth perspective that felt do-able, possible, and he put me on the hook to make it happen. Six years later and the business I own with my sister, our team, and the things we have accomplished way exceed anything I could have hoped for."


-- Tara Street


Braid Creative