“Lean Inside” encompasses Jay’s message including seminars, an audio course, a keynote and book,
Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power:
A practical guide to transformation for women.”


“Lean Inside” focuses on practical transformation. By empowering people to identify and release limiting beliefs and conversations that hold them back from success and fulfillment, Jay leads participants to create breakthrough results that leave them in charge of creating their own destinies.




Give yourself the gift of an entire day to focus on you and what you want for your life. Lean Inside Seminars for women (and a few for men) combine neuroscience, personal development, emotional and spiritual intelligence, and access to coaching. The practical tools provide insights on how to make lasting, impactful transformations by peeling back the covers on your unconscious patterns and beliefs. The seminars give you the opportunity to stop and reflect, align your life with your values, and shift your focus to create a powerful and happy life.


Each seminar is kept to a small group of women to allow for maximum personal connection. While the individual seminars are limited in size, the participants will become part of the expanding network of powerful women who have completed the program.  This network is committed to supporting each other in creating lives each woman desires. Each Lean Inside serves as a powerful networking opportunity as each graduate stays connected through accountability partners, special events and a private on-line collaboration group.







Audio Course:


This recorded teleseminar series includes a live action coaching call. The six sessions of Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power. A Practical Guide to Transformation for Women can be downloaded for listening at your own pace. Based on years of experience working one on one with clients in the area of personal development, this program provides a practical approach to continually creating transformational experiences and results in life. In addition to the 7 steps, the audio includes real life participants applying examples to their lives.








The “Lean Inside” keynote provides an overview of proven methods to discover and connect to your authentic SELF and find clarity that will permeate all facets of life and work and stop playing SMALL. During the keynote, Jay will reveal his 7 Steps to Personal Power and start you on participants on a path toward a powerful life.

A life coach since 2005, Jay Pryor is dedicated to empowering women by giving them the support and skills to fulfill goals and create their lives exactly how they have dreamed. By focusing on the Six Life Zones including Health and Well Being, Finances, Relationships, Career and Creativity, Spirituality and Environment or Space, he will help identify your needs and desires in each area.









Lean Inside: the Book


Exhausted and running on empty? This simple guidebook to transformation is just the refreshment you need. Having spent his first thirty-five years as a woman and a decade as a coach, Jay Pryor shares from both a personal and professional perspective to help women access their true inner power. His loving and humorous tone make this an easy-to-read and apply resource.


You will gain tools to:

  • Open your eyes to the unconscious beliefs running your life
  • Overcome stories of inadequacy, comparison, guilt, and scarcity
  • Put “shoulds” to rest
  • Align with your higher purpose and vision
  • Live the life of your dreams



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