About Jay


Jay Pryor is a Transformational Coach, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach and Speaker who has helped hundreds of executive women actively create their own destinies. Jay started his coaching business over 10 years ago using his ability to inspire others with his knowledge, illustrate the ups and downs of life through his own story and teach others how to tackle the tough questions faced in life.


People might question how a man could understand the realities business women face in today’s business environment. Jay’s unique insight comes from his experience as a transgender man.  Jay was born female and transitioned to male in 2001. He has literally seen both sides of the “table” which brings a unique perspective to his clients.


Jay enjoys working with women to break through barriers to their success; he can uniquely relate to women in business and how different their experience is compared to men. Prior to opening his coaching business, Jay worked at a director level in a private sector small business. This experience also gives Jay insight into the culture of small businesses.


Today Jay offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching, to seminars and Keynote speeches.


Jay is married and lives with his beautiful wife Jessica their two incredible children in Lawrence KS.  He is passionate about his community and is active in his church community.  He is currently working on his book based upon his highly successful seminar Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power: A practical guide to transformation for the successful business woman.


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