“Lean Inside” encompasses Jay’s message for executive women including seminars, an audio course, a keynote and a soon to be released book,


“Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power:
A practical guide to transformation for the successful business woman.”


“Lean Inside” focuses on practical transformation for women in business. By empowering women to identify and release limiting beliefs and conversations that hold them back from success and fulfillment, Jay leads participants to create breakthrough results that leave them in charge of creating their own destinies.

Lean Inside: the Book


If the badge of business or same old complaints have you exhausted and running on empty, this simple guidebook to transformation is just the refreshment you need. Having spent his first 35 years as a woman and a decade a coach, Jay Pryor shares from both a personal and professional perspective to help women access their true inner power. His courage and vulnerability allow readers to access those qualities within themselves. His simple, straightforward steps and loving and humorous tone make this an easy to read and apply resource for creating the life of your dreams.


This book will open your eyes to the unconscious patterns, beliefs, and limitations you create in your life, and give you the tools to transform them. Based on his successful seminar series for women, these 7 steps can be applied to any area of life. Participants have lost weight, revitalized marriages, created successful businesses, and found the courage to let go of whatever was holding them back in life.


Lean Inside guides women to connect to their higher SELF to overpower their SMALL inner voices of inadequacy, comparison, guilt and scarcity that say they can’t have the life they want. This book once and for all puts the “shoulds” away and focuses on aligning with your higher purpose and vision.


Jay's experience of successful personal coaching shines through each page, reaching out to help each reader reconnect to their own inner journey and to recommit to believing in and bringing the best of themselves to each day.