Jay as a Transformational Speaker.


Lean Inside:

7 Steps to Personal Power; A Practical Guide to Transformation to Women


Jay Pryor brings a combination of humor and wisdom to the field of personal development that leaves audiences entertained as well as educated. Their keynotes and corporate trainings reveal proven methods to discover and connect to your authentic self and find clarity that will permeate all facets of life and work. Jay will leave your participants empowered and inspired to look at their lives from a fresh perspective.


This keynote introduces the 7 steps to personal power Jay developed from their 10 years as a transformational speaker and life coach. This talk leaves audiences with practical steps toward living an extraordinary life and the tools to transform the limiting beliefs and habits that keep them playing SMALL. The ah ha moments, energy, and insights available have participants ready to be the change in their organizations and their lives.

Trans Family Values:

 The Female to Male Transition Story of Jay Pryor


Jay shares about their transition from a suicidal small town girl growing up in Kansas, to a successful speaker, author and father of two. Through a series of intimate stories, Jay displays vulnerability and authenticity. Some hilarious, some heart wrenching, but all heart warming, their stories give audiences insight into the fullness of a transgendered person’s life. You will laugh and cry with Jay in this illuminating edutainment talk. This talk is designed to have audiences notice their own assumptions about sex and gender, and leave with new insight. Jay’s openness and humor create a safe space for people to discuss and ask questions.

Lean Inside Keynote

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