Jay Pryor knows about transformation.


Being a transgender person is another way that Jay Pryor knows about transformation. He was born female and lived his life as a woman for 34 years. Part of his commitment to empower and serve women comes from his experience having been a woman.














His keynote speech on being transgender is designed to challenge assumptions about gender and allow a glimpse in to what his world was like before and after his transition. Jay shares his personal story to educate and bring awareness to transgender issues. He uses humor and humanity allowing people access to education with out confrontation. If you are interested in booking Jay for a keynote speech click here.

Jay also educates on transgender issues because he has a powerful commitment to make a difference for gender nonconforming youth. Part of that commitment is fulfilled by sharing his story as part of the GMCLA’s “It Get’s Better Project Tour”.  Also find the It Gets Better Tour on Facebook.


Jay frequently participates in panels for the University of Kansas in his home town of Lawrence KS, as well as for KSTEP (Kansas Statewide Trangender Education Project) www.kstep.org


If you are interested in contacting Jay to speak about transgender education click here.


""I live my life as an “out”
trans man because I view
myself as both man and woman.

I consider myself a gender

fluid person.""